A Spotlight on Innovation Time in School

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Blank white book w/pathBecause innovation deserves more than one hour a week:

You’ve heard the complaints too many times:

  • When am I ever going to use this in the real world?
  • Why are we learning this?
  • When are we going to learn about something interesting?

But what if your students came to class excited? What if they were passionate about their projects? What if they grasped the connection between today’s work and tomorrow’s careers?

In classrooms across the nation, innovative teachers are employing passion-based, open-source learning to improve their student’s education.

In Pure Genius, Don Wettrick encourages teachers and administrators to collaborate–with experts, students, and one another–to create interesting, and even life-changing opportunities for learning. You’ll discover:

  • Innovation brings a fresh approach to solving real problems
  • Creative ways to work within the constraints your current budget and system
  • Courses that offer relevant content can inspire students to learn beyond the classroom
  • Collaborating with experts and mentors improves the learning experience for students and teachers
  • Students must be taught and entrusted to appropriately use social media
  • Social media is an incredible resource for inspiration and professional development

donInnovation is the key to equipping today’s students for tomorrow’s marketplace. By incorporating the concepts Don explains in Pure Genius, you can empower the next generation to be free thinkers who can create new concepts and products that can change the way we live.

Check back here shortly, we will be adding a link to directly purchase the book.  If you are interested in purchasing a large quantity of books for a group, classroom, conference, or one for every teacher in America (hint, hint), please submit a request to us through our large purchase form here.

  • Grace Thompson

    Man, I meet Don and he is a great guy. It is cool that he wrote a book of genius hour and innovation. I hope to read it because of my team’s success with genius hour!

    • donwettrick