Who I Am

I am also a father of three, and along with my wife Alicia, our passion is to journey through life with Ava, Anna, and Grant. My family is my first passion, being an interactive and loving father is first and foremost. Being a father has also shaped the way I teach.

About My Blog

Here are some random musings I have on teaching, students, and life. I sprinkle some sports and pop culture metaphors for good measure. I love feedback, but please, don’t make it too personal. My mother reads the responses…. And you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

My Innovations Class

A place where student passions come alive.

Our Mission Statement

I want to share my passion of Innovations class model, and how it could not only help change education, but can serve as a community hub of progress and change. We rely heavily on collaborating with outside organizations, business leaders, not-for-profit coordinators, creative leaders, heck ANYONE that has insight into solving problems! We feel that collaboration is the key to great learning, and then communicating through social media passes the knowledge even further. We started with the idea that if you give students a class based on freedom and autonomy, they can accomplish great things.

Gaining Momentum

In the past two years we have transformed education by proving that student projects can involve the entire community, and can even be a global movement. Our class has been invited to speak at Stanford University, been featured on numerous educational and news publications, and most importantly, made a difference.